Why Should You Attend ConfD Developer Days 2019?

We are a couple of weeks away from ConfD Developer Days 2019. As such, we wanted to give a totally biased view of why you should join us this year on October 22-23 in San Jose, CA. Below, you will find a few quotes from ConfD experts on what they expect to see, learn, and experience at this year’s event:

“I am most excited to see how people are using the product.” – Viktor Leijon

“I am looking forward to learning about the challenges and achievements in building programmable Network Elements from the developer community. The interaction with ConfD users is very valuable in order to understand what features are the most used and how the product can evolve to fit more common use case scenarios” – Nabil Michraf

“ConfD Developer Days is a great place to learn more in-depth about network configuration, common mistakes, smarter ways to debug issues, and to get in touch with the YANG/NETCONF community.” – Emil Holmstrom

“For me, Developer Days provides a great opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face and understand areas where we can improve and learn how to best support our customers.” – Jenny Liu

“I can’t wait to meet ConfD users from all over the world to learn about their interesting use cases for ConfD and to exchange ideas on how to enable their products to be programmable with NETCONF in order to be easily automated and orchestrated.  I am looking forward to sharing with them how to use NSO as a test tool for their NETCONF enabled products.” – Wai Tai

“For me, ConfD Developer Days is the one event each year, when I have the opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face and learn about their challenges and opportunities. It is also great to hear customers interact with each other and engage in lively discussions and listen to the insightful Q&A that often follows the presentations throughout the event.” – Ulf Tennander

“I look forward to learning from the ConfD users. Especially learning about their approach and priorities for supporting and enabling users with programmable network management APIs for automation in a machine-to-machine NETCONF & YANG + human-to-machine legacy API setup.” – Conny Ohult Anderson

“What I find most exciting about Developer Days is the exchange of ideas that takes place among ConfD users from the world over.  The additional opportunity for discussions with our experts in an informal environment is something that I believe brings much value to all parties.” – Sal LiRosi

No matter the reason, attending ConfD Developer Days 2019 will be an investment in you. This includes building upon your knowledge, spending time with the largest gathering of network programmability professionals, and getting a peek into what’s new with ConfD. If you have been sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to attend, we hope the above quotes provide you with some good reasons to join us this year.

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